The Bonds of Blood

First Edition (Unabridged)

Events are spiraling out of control for the Neferis family. Jovian attacked by a demon dog lore says can’t exist; Amber secreted away in the middle of the night; a mystical wind preventing a rescue attempt and something stalking the halls of the plantation. They find a way out of the house to pursue their sister only to be haunted by demonic creatures and visited by spirits. But there are changes they aren’t ready to handle. Joya can’t understand why the math book she has been given can glow, conjure power within her she seems capable (if unwilling) to control, and ward off evil. Angelica and Jovian can’t figure out how they can do things no one else is able to do. There are seemingly no answers until they are confronted with an ancient adversary of house Neferis, but will she grant the answers they seek, or will she fray the tenuous thread binding them to their old lives?


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