I See Zombies Everywhere

It is a good thing I live in the country, because when crazies come this way, it is in the form of “accidental” hunting attacks.

But this stuff is crazy! I have been reading the news today, and think maybe my original zombie post should have waited until today. I mean . . . damn.

This isn’t exactly zombie related, but insane all the same. This man in Northern New Jersey could certainly have spread the disease when he stabbed himself repeatedly and then threw bits of his skin and intestine at police officers! Yuck!

Then a man in Maryland admitted to hacking his housemate to pieces, then eating parts of his heart and brain! I mean I know this happened in ancient cultures, but normally the person was already dead right?

The mother of the man (Rudy Eugene) who ate the face of the man in Miami says her son wasn’t a zombie, he was a nice kid that did good things and he could have been subdued with a taser rather than gunfire. I do believe not even a few rounds stopped this kid from chowing down! How the hell is a taser going to stop him? Tasers don’t stop zombies! O.o

Rudy’s girlfriend continued by saying he would never have done that, it was his body but not his spirit. He was a god fearing man that knew his bible by heart. To me it sounds like a zombie attack!

This is all very disturbing to me.

Scott Talan is quoted here on CNN by saying “this is all nothing new,” bad things happen and people are attracted to bad news. I am sorry, but this is the first I have heard of a slew of people cannibalizing en mass.