Would the Real Necromancers Please Stand Up?

So it is largely aggravating to me that I try to find any information necromancy and necromancers and all I can find is a bunch of BS; children playing at being bad*ss. Grow up and understand that any REAL necromancer would scare the sh*t out of you.

That being said, I don’t know HOW a real necromancer would scare the sh*t out of you, because I can’t research anything about them because you are clouding up the search engines with your rediculous tripe about nightmares and dripping blood into water to divine the future.

If anyone has any respectable source for necromancy, can you please help a poor writer with his research?

I can create a whole load of necromancy stuff that sounds cool, but I like to be inspired by real material.


The Charm of Harry Potter

What is it about Harry Potter that I love so much?

Normally when I think of some books I have read it isn’t so much the story I am nostalgic about, but instead the age I was when I read it. I can think of a handful of books I read as a teen, and when I think of those books, I think of the kid I was then. Not with Harry Potter.

The truth is, the way Harry Potter makes me feel isn’t a time I have ever lived through. There isn’t a feeling conjured in me of friends long in my past or life changing events just around the corner. But Harry Potter was a life changing story. It is the standard I now hold every other story to.

Everything flows so beautifully, so perfectly that it could almost be real. I have read the series five times now, starting on my sixth, and each time is like the first time I have ever read them. I know what is coming, but I still tear through the books like I don’t.

Last night I was reading The Sorcerers Stone, before he was told he was a wizard, and those letters are coming into the house like a derailed train, and I was so into it, waiting for the revelation that he was a wizard I didn’t want to put the book down. Reading JK’s description of the yellow parchment envelope and the emerald green ink made me smile. Yes, that kookiness could only happen in Harry Potter. Anyone else trying it would fall short and earn a scoff from me.

Not JK.

So what is it about Harry Potter I love so much? I think it has to be JK’s amazing story telling and her ability to craft believable worlds. But I have read other books with amazing world building techniques. None of them match the skill of Harry Potter.

I am unsure what it is that makes me love Harry Potter so much. What kind of spell he casts on me. I don’t care because when I crack open those books I am transported to another time and place where magic is real, wizards and witches wage wars behind the scenes and our deepest childhood fantasies seem as close as the walls surrounding us.

There will never be another Harry Potter for me. There will never be another story that grips me so tightly to make me want to read it that many times.

I can only hope that some day, with some book I will be as good a story teller as JK.