Forthcoming Works

Here you will find a list of upcoming titles (though they may change slightly) and a small teaser synopsis. Please note, books listed here are on various levels of development ranging from books that are in the conceptual stage, production stage and editing stage. There listing has no bearing on what order they will be published.

Whispers of a Distant Star – Gnobi is a young alien with great dreams of what Earth must be like, but what will she find once they makes landfall?

By Any Other Name – Collins life was at an all time low, that is why he attempted suicide. But he failed, and now he has to deal with the life he so longed to leave behind.

On Stranger Shores – Olivia’s adventures take her to the bottom of the sea where she uncovers a plot to end the world as she knows it.

Howl – What would life be like if the supernatural world was at war over witches like you? This is not your typical vampire novel.

The Mirror of the Moon – Part two of The Revenant Wyrd Saga.

The Bonds of Blood – A family with a secret, an ancient enemy bent on their destruction and the bonds of blood that bind them. (A much needed second edition of the previously published book. If you haven’t read it yet, wait for this release.)

Desolation – Zombies with a twist (more info to come).


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