Infernal Designs

What will you do when the dead rise up to meet the living? Will you succumb to the horde, or will you stand and fight, telling yourself it isn’t real, it can’t be real. Even as you lay your family to rest the only way that will sate their constant craving for flesh, would you tell yourself it was a dream, repressing your fear? Isolating yourself to the point you no longer feel human?

For Asher St. Paul the reality came crashing down on him outside of Binghamton, New York as he made his way to The Refuge, a compound of survivors struggling to keep life in a semblance of normalcy, but how can you live a normal life when zombies become reality and necromancers walk in the open, like kings among the desperate?

But there is more, a vaccine in high demand, with low supplies, and Asher seems to be one of the few inoculated.

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