Random Update

This is just a check in because I haven’t been posting much here lately. With my real life job and writing and studies, things have been pretty hectic. However, I am still able to find a lot of time to peruse gagism.com, go figure that when I have the least time I do the most screwing off.

It turns out bath salts were NOT the cause of the zombie face eating in Miami. All that was found in the man’s system was pot. This is very strange indeed, I have never known pot to do something like that, but who knows, I have never known much about pot.

The search for actual necromancy stuff has fallen short, so I have started making up my own stuff, which I think falls in place well. However, the little bit I was able to research makes me really wonder about Lord Voldemort, JK never actually came out and said it, but I do think he was a necromancer.

Desolation is coming along great, but sometimes I feel it is pouring out of me too easily, like I am missing something. I think this means it isn’t fully ready yet, but I am going with it, if I still feel that way with the second draft, I will just plug on and whatever was “missing” will come up in later books.

The Bonds of Blood rewrite has taken backburner to Desolation, as well as Whispers of a Distant Star, but as soon as this demon is out on paper, I promise to return to those.

I have been focusing a lot on promotion research as well, and if you have a goodreads account, why don’t you look me up, because as my books get closer to release, I will start making sample available there. I am going to try the conventional publishing route, but if that doesn’t work out relatively fast (because I am impatient) I will self-publish my work, so stay tuned for information on free giveaway promotions.

That’s it for now, back to the grind. Hope this finds everyone well and have an amazing weekend!


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