So much to do. Currently The Bonds of Blood is undergoing a huge revamp including internal and external content. This will make the book definitively for a young adult audience. What does this mean for the original story? A lot of cuts, and a lot of rewrites, but don’t worry, the integrity of the characters and the story lines are not changing. This revamp will only make the book easier to digest.

Then on to Whispers of a Distant Star. That book is coming together rather nice and I am falling in love with it like I never thought I could with a series taking place outside of The Great Realms or the fantasy genre. The thing that gets me is the first draft of any book I write (which is really just an extended outline consisting of 20-30 pages; a real bare bones) changes so remarkably once I really delve into the story development. It is almost like the characters are saying “Yes, Travis that is nice, but this is how I see the story going,” and they run with it and I am but a visitor watching the book unfold.

Anyway, off to work I go to create worlds and tales for all to enjoy!


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