On My Faith

I have posted an article like this before on my other (more eccentric) blog. Here are some answers, without the questions.

I consider myself Pagan Christian. Some disagree that this is possible, but I am here to tell you it is, because I am. To me this means I believe in God, and I believe and follow Jesus. I don’t believe in God and Jesus the way the bible dictates because the bible is a construct of man and has underwent so many revisions that (in our fallible hands) there is most likely errors and misrepresentations of the true messages. Everyone has their own interpretation of the bible and every church and congregation chooses what they want to follow and what is outdated (which is their choice). However, I respect the bible as a religious teaching (as all religious books should be respected) and draw inspiration from some of its passages (no I haven’t read it fully).

I believe all faiths and all spiritual teachings are valid and have something to show everyone who is willing to listen. Faith and spirituality is a deeply personal thing, and no one has the right to dictate another’s beliefs. I don’t care if you are a fledgling witch casting your first circle, or a newly baptized Christian, your faith is valid in its teachings because there is one belief, one golden rule all religions hold in common: Harm None.

I don’t believe in the devil, but I believe in evil. I feel it is our duty to live life the best way we know how, and God will love us no matter what we turn out like because he made us this way. What happens if we don’t live our life as good as we should? I like to think God will forgive all things at the end of our lives. For more information on these beliefs please check out the books that guided me on this path, which I hold near gospel Conversations with God.

Then that leads to the afterlife. What is it? In my vision the afterlife is what we make it. I believe we rejoin the universal energy that runs through everything (God). We have this spark in us, and that is what makes us who we are, but it also links us to God. This spark of life (to me) is God. It is what made us, and it is what we become when we die; one with our creator.

I don’t know God, so this could all be wrong. But the one thing I don’t presume to do is know the will of God, that is His/Her job. I just know, there are times when I am in communion with a higher power, and when His/Her energy fills me, there is no doubt, no fear, no anger and hate. In His/Her presence there is only peace and love and a sense of knowing that no matter how things turn out, everything will be ok.

I only write this because I remember when I was younger I was very into my religion (Wicca). I have since grown and become wiser. Some things I used to believe whole heartedly I have since learned more about and learned it didn’t fit me any longer; my old paths weren’t where my future paths wanted to go. But I remember I LOVED Mercedes Lackey (still do) and the one thing I always wondered was if she was Wiccan because of some terms she used in her books. I like to think some of my younger audience will wonder the same thing. All religious concepts in The Bonds of Blood are drawn from SOME Earthly religion, but not all of them are drawn from the same faiths.

Writing The Bonds of Blood I drew heavily on my experiences with Paganism to write the religion of that world. I also drew on Christian concepts along with Judaic concepts. Stay tuned for more about the religions of The Great Realms.

I am open to questions and comments, so have at it!


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