No Child Beaten Down

I don’t agree with bullying at all. I don’t think there are many (sane) people today who do. I was bullied in high school because of my weight; I dropped out and got my GED. No one should have to put up with abuse, and no one should have to toughen up because of it. All of us are wired differently: what might make one kid hang himself is something another kid can take in stride.

Here is the deal, bullying is not OK, especially in today’s time with social media and constant access to people via texting, media messaging and social media sites. People are constantly barraged with hatred to the point they cannot take it any longer and end their lives. Think about that for a moment. One person is making another person feel so low they don’t even think they deserve to live. You are haunting someone to the point they feel death is the only release from you. THAT IS NOT OK! No person should ever feel like they are so hated they need to take their lives.

Let’s look at the ways our society has changed in the last 20-30 years. Most children (whether because of divorce or financial strain) do not have the support at home I had. Now there is either only one parent or both have to work in order to survive. This means there is often not a strong home structure. Children are going home, being alone to make their way through homework and feeding themselves. Sometimes the only thing they hear from other people is constant bullying.

When I was a teenager, bullied because of my weight, the thought of ending my life never crossed my mind, but I can tell you now I have a really askew vision of myself. What would have happened if I was constantly bullied through many different avenues? What if there was Facebook and text messaging?

And where does it start? How do you raise a child that is capable of threatening another kid with death, or inflicting physical or emotional damage? How should we treat the parents of bullies? This frame of mind has to come from somewhere. How do you raise a child to be so full of hate?

We have to stop thinking that kids are joking, that they are just having fun, because when it is having fun at the expense of another person, that isn’t fun. Having fun isn’t threatening to take another person’s life!

If my child was bullied I would do everything in my power to protect them. I would let them know they’re loved, I would block numbers to their cell phone, I would restrict their access to social media sites, whatever I needed to do to make sure they were not harmed. I would sue the schools if they didn’t do something about it.

Stricter laws need to be in place punishing those who bully. If a school knowingly allows bullying to happen they are not supporting the needs of the taxpayers and therefore should be punished for every infraction up to and including their state funding being pulled.

And bullying doesn’t stop in school! Many people think it does but it doesn’t. I recently read an article on Unicorn Booty (a gay news site) about Chris Brown (who they oppose because of his dispute with Rhianna). They posted messages exchanged between him and a (male) song writer who allegedly had a sexual encounter. AND THEY WERE BASHING HIM ABOUT IT! Take a moment to appreciate that. A gay news site bashing someone for being gay! This is the type of badgering that can lead to suicide. It doesn’t matter if I like Chris Brown or not, that is crossing the line. If he is in the closet, there is a reason. We were all there at one time or another and we came out in our own fashion. It isn’t OK for us to treat other people this way.

This is a time when we all need to band together. Separately we can’t accomplish much, but together we can move mountains. The gay community needs to band together and protect their youths; parents need to band together and protect their children; schools need to join the fight and stop turning a blind eye to bullying and start punishing those who bully; state officials need to make it law.

Screw no child left behind, instead let’s support a bill called “No Child Beaten Down”!

It is true our children are our future. If all of the kind hearted, artistic, realupstanding children are bullied to death where does that leave our future?


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